The goal of treatment for patients with unresectable Stage 3 NSCLC is curative intent1

Stage 3 NSCLC has a distinct clinical presentation from metastatic (Stage 4) disease and has different treatment goals2-4

24% of patients with NSCLC present with Stage 3 disease

~24% of patients with NSCLC present with Stage 3 disease5


~82% of patients with Stage 3 NSCLC have unresected disease6*


Treatment with curative intent concurrent chemoradiotherapy is given to patients and offers patients additional treatment options in the unresectable Stage 3 NSCLC setting7

Dr. Kristin Higgins image

Dr. Kristin Higgins imageHear Dr Kristin Higgins discuss these real patients with Stage 3A, B, or C NSCLC treated with curative intent concurrent CRT

Real Patient Case 1
Diagnosis: Unresectable Stage 3A NSCLC (T4N0)
Real Patient Case 2
Diagnosis: Unresectable Stage 3B NSCLC (T1cN3M0)
Real Patient Case 3
Diagnosis: Unresectable Stage 3C NSCLC (T4N3M0)

Hear from multidisciplinary experts about treating with curative intent CRT

What may be untreatable yesterday is treatable today...Stage III lung cancer is a curative disease. So we should maximize [the] chance of a cure...

–Dr Kristin Higgins & Dr Joe Chang

NSCLC=non-small cell lung cancer; CRT=chemoradiotherapy.

*Unresected disease includes patients with unresectable disease and patients with resectable disease who declined surgical intervention.

These videos contain details of a real patient and physician’s experience treating this patient and do not represent the views or opinions of AstraZeneca. Individual experiences and recommendations may vary with patients.

The views and opinions expressed in the Art of CRT video series are those of the individual panel members and do not represent the views or opinions of AstraZeneca. These videos contain anecdotal information gathered from a discussion with 8 physicians and nurses based on their opinions/experiences. Recommendations are general and may vary with patients.

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